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21 November 2008 @ 10:27 pm
[FIC] A Means to an End (Lulueuphie, Code Geass, drabble)  
Title: A Means to an End
Author: misteline
Ratings/Warnings: K+/spoilers for season one
Pairing/Character(s): Lelouch Lamperouge + Euphemia Li Britannia
Fandom: Code Geass
Disclaimer: I don't own Code Geass or any of its characters.
Summary: This isn't the end he pictured, but it's an ending all the same.
Author's Notes: I don't know why I wrote this. XD; Bored. I guess. Ah. Finishing up college apps, could be posting her more often? Maybe?

      It wasn't what he wanted. It wasn't how he planned it. It wasn't how he imagined everything ending. Who would have thought a victory for Zero, for Japan, would be a loss for Lelouch? Certainly, not he.

      He held her tightly in his arms as the warm blood poured profusely from her side, staining his hands forever. She reached up to caress his face tenderly, a small smile taking its place on her lips. The gesture somehow reminded him of the days of their childhood. Back then her hands had been soft, hot, full of life. Now they were cold. Lifeless.

      "Why?" He felt the question tumble from his lips without his consent. He had to know, though. Why the kindness? Her answer? Her thoughts? Her feelings? Her last words?

      The chaos overtaking his mind was interrupted when he saw her defy logic for his sake. Her smile widened.

      Instantly, her image blurred. He was crying, sensing the inevitable. When he had decided to put on the mask of Zero, he promised himself that he would not cry. And yet... Here he was, with tears in his eyes.

      Finally, she answered.

      Because I love you, he thought he heard her say, except... Her mouth didn't move.

      She passed with the brightest smile he had ever seen permanently ensconced across her beautiful face.

drksm: Smitten - Code Geasssacla on January 9th, 2009 02:42 pm (UTC)
short, sweet and tragic. (just like their relationship?) Indeed please write/post more! :D
misteline on January 31st, 2009 11:52 pm (UTC)
I'd love to, but inspiration is so hard to come by these days. I'm glad you liked it, nevertheless. :D